From the creators of the
VIRUSKILLER™ technology

The most cost-effective and efficient air decontamination solution to combat airborne pathogens and odors in any occupied indoor space.


Virus outbreaks are a common occurrence within healthcare settings.
UPPERVIOLET & the UVCstand offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution for on demand airborne infection prevention and control.


UPPERVIOLET can increase safety and comfort levels for businesses to aid in the prevention of airborne virus outbreaks and to control outbreaks when they happen.


UPPERVIOLET & the UVCstand increase protection and comfort levels within education settings and can also help respond quickly to control virus outbreaks.


Pneumonia from respiratory viruses is the leading cause of hospitalisation and death in eldercare facilities. Our products and services offer a new level of protection.

In a world where pathogens transmitted through the air cost us millions of lives and billions of dollars,  there is a century-old technology that:


Efficiently decontaminates large volumes of air continuously and in occupied spaces.

Destroys a wide range of pathogens including drug-resistant bacteria, making it suitable for protection against the next pandemic, whatever the pathogen.

Doesn’t rely upon the behavior of people to be effective, such as social distancing, cough hygiene or mask wearing.

Upper-room UVGI is the most effective, evidence‐based, affordable, safe and available engineering intervention to disinfect air.

1. UPPERVIOLET is a new technology, based on the principles of upper-room UVGI. The addition of a catalyst makes it a  multifunctional air decontamination device.

2. UPPERVIOLET shines UV-C light in the upper portion of the room, creating a continuous, large disinfection zone.

3. UPPERVIOLET uses some of the UV-C light to power the INB catalyst, effectively neutralizing odors and VOCs.

Impossibly small,
impressively powerful.

To keep running costs down, we have kept the power as low as possible. To compensate, we improved functionality. Rotating UPPERVIOLET increases the UV radiation zone by 2.11x.

Studies show that upper-room UVGI works better with increased airflow. UPPERVIOLET is equipped with two silent fans to greatly increase efficiency.
UPPERVIOLET is also the perfect addition to any ventilation system in order to increase infection risk management in the most sustainable way.

Upper-room UVGI + Catalytic Oxidation = More Air Decontamination
The INB Catalyst consists of over 4,000 tiny hexagonal tunnels that direct the UV light forward. Some of the UV light powers the catalyst which then eliminates odors and VOCs as well as airborne pathogens.

Advancing these technologies has allowed us to reduce the size. Using lightweight components and mass manufacturing has reduced the cost. New technology can be affordable!

The best of both worlds.
Advancing time-served upper-room UV-C to maximize the external sterilization area whilst perfecting the internal neutralization chamber with new technology.


370 L x 169 D x 175 H mm
14.5 L x 6.6 D x 6.8 H in


1.84 kg
4.0 lbs


DC 12V 

UVC Lamps

16W (2 lamps, 8W each)
+ unit rotation

INB Catalyst

328.5 x 91.3 x 40 mm
13 x 3.6 x 1.5 in




or on the UVCstand

Safety Sensor

PIR Sensor


35 – 50 dB

  • Virus Removal 99.9% 99.9%
  • Bacteria Removal 99.9% 99.9%
  • Ammonia removal 83.9% 83.9%

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A better air decontamination choice than an air purifier

* More equivalent air changes = higher efficiency
* Continuous pathogen destruction
* Lower power consumption
* ⁠Less maintenance
* ⁠Less noise

* ⁠Lower consumable cost
* ⁠Works with ventilation systems
* ⁠Filterless odour and VOC control
* ⁠Most sustainable option
* Looks awesome

Deploy anywhere,
protect everywhere.

UPPERVIOLET can be used with the patent-pending UVCstand which can be transported and deployed anywhere to protect any occupied space.

Within minutes, our highly efficient air decontamination technology can be protecting spaces, from emergency aid shelters to military barracks to film sets and studios of all kinds.


UPPERVIOLET also deals with VOCs and odors, protecting your health as well as your dignity.

“Operating rooms of veterinarian clinics should be as clean as of people’s clinics. To prevent odor removal and additional bacterial infections, we installed UPPERVOILET. I recommend UPPERVOILET in Veterinarian clinic that need odor removal and sterilization devices.”

Seoul Veterinary Clinic

Vet Clinic, South Korea

“Bought UPPERVIOLET for my elderly mother who has home care. Makes much more sense than an air purifier for safety against airborne viruses. Also works a lot better than my old air purifier on controlling odors.”

Przemek V


Mission statement

We are commercializing UPPERVIOLET to give people a more effective air decontamination and air deodorization option.

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Unparalleled air decontamination solution

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