a 2024 FM tech breakthrough

Impressively powerful. Impossibly small. UPPERVIOLET brings a range of four models, hosting multiple new technology patents that offer innovative solutions for biological contamination and odor control. More compact, cost-effective, and efficient than current solutions are the reasons that you should read on and then speak to us.

Unparalleled odor control

Eliminate odors and airborne pathogens in


>20 times better


Tested to be greater than 20 times more efficient than competing technologies.


Biological decontamination
and chemical neutralization

UVC irradiation

INB Catalyst


Deodorization and
biological decontamination

UVC irradiation

Ammonia filter



UVC irradiation



Ammonia filter


Creating a more efficient irradiation zone.
The rotation creates a much larger sterilization area, increasing effectiveness. The movement also reduces UV damage on building materials. 

Ammonia Filter

>20x more adsorption.
The patented new INB ammonia filter directly targets ammonia and test show >20x more efficiency than standard activated carbon filters.


Challenge accepted. Results delivered.
Effectively neutralizing indoor odors instead of trapping them, has been an industry challenge for many years. INB has been working with catalyst technology for the past 20 years, and has developed the ultimate in catalyst technology.

Reduced size.
Reduced cost

Increased ability!
Advancing these technologies has allowed us to reduce the size. Using lightweight components and mass manufacturing has reduced the cost. New technology can be affordable!

Internal & External Chambers

The best of both worlds.
Advancing time served upper-room UVC to maximize the external sterilization area whilst perfecting the internal neutralization chamber with new technology.

"Bathroom smell completely gone"

William Haines

"Great for odors in my cat holiday centre and would recommend to pet owners"

Rehaan Whitfield

"Has completely changed the environment in our care home"


"Comfort and safety for staff and visitors in our waiting room"

Filip Maine

About Us

20 Years In The Making

With a true passion for innovation in South Korea, INB received a government grant in 2004 to develop its ground breaking catalyst technology for combating the coronavirus. Over the past two decades, INB has achieved impressive technological advancements, culminating in the UPPERVIOLET range — its latest patented developments.
UPPERVIOLET’s unparalleled efficiency with biological contamination and ammonia reduction is a great example of the technology advancements coming from INB, now and in the future.

Technology patents

Units sold worldwide

Unparalleled solution for ammonia

We are actively taking on
new distributors
for this product line.


What pollutants does UPPERVIOLET deal with?

UPPERVIOLET effectively deals with a wide range of air pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, gases, and odors. Each ODEO model targets the following: 

ODEO.1: Biological contaminants and unpleasant odors from gases, such as ammonia.

ODEO.2: Biological contaminants, odors.

ODEO.3: Biological contaminants.

ODEO.4: Odors and gases that can lead to malodors, particularly ammonia.

What is the difference between UPPERVIOLET and an air purifier?

UPPERVIOLET is not a portable air cleaner, it is an upper-room UVC sterilizer and deodorizer. Each ODEO model employs a distinct core technology and innovative features, like rotation, to enhance the sterilization, neutralization, and deodorization of the air in occupied spaces.

How is it installed?

UPPERVIOLET models are plug-and-play, designed for an easy wall installation, without the need for complicated building work. The light weight of all ODEO models ensures an effortless setup. For optimal placement in a room, please contact your local sales and distribution agent for assistance.

What is the biggest room it can be installed in?

ODEO models are versatile, allowing installation in various-sized rooms. The number of units required depends on factors like room size, layout and airflow. For personalized advice, reach out to your local sales and distribution agent.

What is the maintenance routine?

ODEO models have a straightforward maintenance routine, allowing users to clean it regularly for optimal performance. The periodic replacement of components such as UVC lamps, honeycomb catalyst, or ammonia filter varies by model.

What is the benefit of UPPERVIOLET’s rotation?

The rotation feature of all ODEO models ensures an even air distribution and sterilization throughout the room, covering a wider space. It also maximises airflow and prevents any UV damage of any materials in the room.

Does ODEO’s blue light affect people in the room?

UPPERVIOLET, designed for occupied spaces, is safe to operate when people are present in the room. UPPERVIOLET’s patented technology prevents accidental exposure to the UVC light (blue light). However, it is discouraged to look directly at the ultraviolet light.