World Leading Clean Air Technology Advancements

INBtech was funded by the South Korean government as a technology innovation company in response to the 2003 SARS virus outbreak. For the past 20 years, INB has been developing clean air technologies and has products installed in more than 60 countries. 2024 brings with it INB’s greatest technology breakthroughs:



Clean air catalyst technology has always had incredible potential and many trusted institutions such as NASA have been involved in progressing it. INB have begun to realise the potential with their 2024 catalyst breakthrough.

INB Catalyst

After 20 years of development, the latest, patented, INB catalyst has unparalleled performance. Neutralizing VOC’s instead of capturing them is the future of IAQ and this advancement takes air technology a big step closer.

Ammonia Filter

Ammonia is an IAQ problem that many people and businesses suffer from, it is also easily identifiable as we all have built-in sensors that can easily detect it. The current solutions are either to mask ammonia, use ozone which is dangerous, or capture with activated carbon. Independent testing shows a 20+ times efficiency when comparing the INB ammonia filter to a standard activated carbon filter.

Upper-room UVGI

Upper-room UVGI or UPPERVIOLET has been successfully used as an air sterilization technology for 80 years. INB’s new patented technology greatly improves the efficiency of upper room UVGI whilst enabling a more compact, cost-effective design.

Modular catalyst chambers

Utilising our new catalyst technology within clean air devices can be complicated as one size does not fit all! Our patented modular catalyst design can tailor to various airflow volumes and product sizes whilst maintaining optimum performance.

… what is says on the label! The Viruskiller product line has been developing for the past twenty years and boasts unparalleled performance within its class. With over 100,000 units installed around the World, the Viruskiller range is trusted by and protects many people. Updated with INB’s latest technology advancements, the current Viruskiller range is simply the best of IAQ available product lines.

Impressively Powerful. Impossibly Small.
Upperviolet offers a range of four models, hosting multiple new technology patents that offer new solutions for biological contamination and ammonia odor. More compact, efficient and cost effective than anything else on the market boasts a great example that “The latest and best technologies can also be the most affordable”